Choosing the Right Managed Service Provider

In the dynamic world of business, your choice of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a game-changer. At Allstate Computers, we don’t just offer services; we embody values that elevate your IT experience. Our core values – acting ethically, providing quality customer service, earning trust with loyalty, and showing excellence through dedication and constant […]

Navigating The Email Maze: The Fine Line Between Convenience and Chaos

Is your company's data lost in the maze of personal email services?

Think of your growing organization as a bustling city. At it’s heart, emails – proposals, contracts, and essential business communications – pulses through the digital streets. But the question looms: are you truly the mayor of this city, or just a bystander? The Invisible Email Dilemma For many expanding companies, managing email is a hidden […]

How Data Breaches Affect You and How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Business

A hacker breaching servers of a Fortune 500 company.

Imagine this: You’re sipping coffee, scrolling through the news, and bam! Another headline about a data breach. This time, it’s Comcast Xfinity, and it’s not just a far-off issue – it might affect you or your colleagues. On October 25th, Comcast, during their digital equivalent of a routine health check, spotted something fishy. It turns out, […]