Our Clients

“Allstate’s staff has the knowledge of our business to quickly understand the business needs.”

Allstate Computers hosts our cloud data storage solution, provides us with IT support and Office 365 service. We like that all our email accounts and cloud are managed in one place with Allstate’s staff having the knowledge of our business to quickly understand the business needs. I would tell anyone on the fence about choosing Allstate Computers that they are very responsive and educate you on the topic, so you have a better understanding of the impact on the business.

Bonnie M, Owner

Restaurant Equipment Company, Jupiter, FL

“They have been heroes many times putting out fires…”

Allstate Computers has been my IT company for almost 20 years and at least 2 locations. The Allstate crew has worked magic over these years to keep my systems working and operating smoothly. They have been heroes many times putting out fires that occur randomly and usually on Monday mornings! Allstate has always been honest and very competitive with quotes for hardware and supplies, and work hours doing updates to my equipment and IT solutions. The techs at Allstate Computers are always quick to get back to me with answers to questions.

Dr. August L., DC

Medical Practice, Jupiter, FL

“…they respond immediately – which is rather crucial in our business.”

Our law firm is 100% dependent on our computers. Our last IT provider moved us from an in-house server to a “cloud” based platform touting savings on costs and time, and that we would become more efficient. The conversion was a nightmare, and the systems never quite worked perfectly, and they often stopped working. This caused us great expense, as our product is paper and we cannot generate our product without our systems working on all 8 cylinders at all times. Then we met Brian Artigas and Robert Hartford from Allstate Computers – and wow, big difference! Our system is faster, better, stronger, and more reliable than ever. If you need something they respond immediately – which is rather crucial in our business. If you are looking for reliability at a reasonable price and great response times, we strongly recommend Allstate.

Andrew P., Esq.

Law Firm, Jupiter, FL

“When there is a problem, Allstate is very responsive…”

We have been using Allstate Computers since 2015 and are very satisfied with their work. We have a six-person CPA firm and Allstate monitors all our workstations and the server. When there is a problem, Allstate is very responsive and answers us almost immediately. I would highly recommend Allstate Computers.

Scott E., CPA

CPA Firm, Jupiter, FL

“They have very quick response times for IT issues and provide one on one communications with their techs.”

We currently have 5 offices spanning 2 counties and Allstate Computers handles IT services for all of them. They have been 110% reliable in managing our IT systems and hosting our servers in their cloud. They have very quick response times for IT issues and provide one on one communications with their techs. You can’t go wrong with Allstate Computers and you won’t regret choosing them!

Carolyn L. Office Manager

Medical Office, Port Saint Lucie and Stuart, FL

“Allstate Computers goes above and beyond when we really need them.”

One of the biggest benefits we receive from Allstate Computers is personalized service. They listen to us and put solutions in place to meet our needs. They don’t switch us from person to person. We typically deal with one or two technicians who both know our network inside and out. Allstate goes above and beyond when we really need them. They’ll work nights and weekends to carry out critical projects like network migrations and onboarding new practices.

Stellie N, Administrator

Medical Office, Jupiter, FL

“They have always been eager to service and help in any way they can.”

The single biggest benefit we receive with Allstate Computers is that someone is always available when we call with an issue be it big or small. They can log in and correct the issue for us. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. They take the time to explain what the problem was and how they corrected it. Since they are local, they can come out to our office if need be. We purchased new computers and they came into our office and set everything up and made sure it was all in working order. They seem to be a hands-on company whereas other IT companies are Internet-based only and do not make office visits. I would highly recommend their services. They have always been eager to service and help in any way they can.

Marianne W, Office Manager

Financial Planning Firm, Jupiter, FL

“Local Service and Rapid Response Times with Excellent Customer Service!“

Allstate Computers actually answers the phone! You would be surprised how many times in the past with other companies we could not get a callback or anyone on the phone. We also appreciate Allstate Computers and its employees making us feel like we are your only customer and resolving all of our needs quickly and efficiently. These are not your run of the mill IT technicians; they actually know what they are doing. They don’t just give you prefabricated answers to move you along, they actually fix the problems and get the job done with ease. We feel like family.

Cindy C., Office Manager

Medical Office, Atlantis, FL

“Allstate Computers will provide solid support and maintenance to ensure your business continuity.“

We have been using Allstate Computers for over 4 years. They are a quickly accessible, knowledgeable resource we rely on to effectively and efficiently maintain our business critical IT network which saves us from having to employ in-house talent. You can be confident they will provide solid support and maintenance to ensure your business continuity.

Tom H., CEO

Medical Laboratory, Jupiter, FL

“Prompt, knowledgeable response with old fashion customer service!”

Allstate Computers provides us with personal attention that makes us feel like our small business is just as important to them as other larger businesses. The team at Allstate Computers responds promptly and handles our issues right away. Don’t hesitate to choose Allstate Computers, you can’t go wrong. Their knowledgeable technicians deliver truly OLD FASHION customer service in a timely and personal manner.

Janet A, Office Manager

Medical Device Organization, Jupiter, FL

“They are local to our company, and had good recommendations…”

Allstate Computers has moved us from a small company IT concept (many people with different ideas about IT) to a larger company concept poised for growth. They have also helped us move from many kinds of independent hardware to a server and better-quality hardware that is alike. Allstate Computers is the first permanent IT firm we have had, and we chose them because they were local to our company, had good recommendations, and comparable pricing. Definitely give Allstate Computers a chance! Make sure you are comparing all the options before making that final choice. Allstate Computers has been very good with their response time to our problems.

John B, General Manager

Construction Company, Jupiter, FL

“No problem is too big or too small!”

Allstate Computers is a responsive and effective group. We especially appreciate having immediate access to tech support. They are thorough and are always a pleasure to deal with! No Problem is too big or too small!

Leigh C, Opperations Manager

Medical Office, West Palm Beach, FL