Healthcare IT

Who is accountable for data security at your practice?

Who handles your network, firewalls, employee access, remote access, passwords, usage logs, whether vendors are handling protected data properly?

If you don’t know the answer to those questions – who does? Managed IT services jump to a whole new and significantly more crucial level when they involve the privacy of healthcare information, and you need a partner that specializes in Healthcare IT services.

HIPAA compliance, risk assessment, and risk management plans are fundamental components of any healthcare practice. Knowing you’re compliant and what needs to be done to mitigate your risk doesn’t protect you if there isn’t ongoing, meaningful, and expert support to assure your practice continues to operate at the highest level through the constant analysis and assessment of your IT operations.

Your practice needs a trusted partner dedicated to the vast range of policies and procedures, and the specialized experience to carry out your Risk Management Plan – and keep your business in business.

You can’t rely on just any managed IT provider; the highly specialized requirements, strict policies, privacy issues, and regulatory mandates unique to the healthcare industry mean you need a partner dedicated to remaining at the forefront of your practice’s needs.

Allstate Computers knows that it is our job to remain continuously educated and updated – we are your source for trusted Healthcare IT services, freeing you up to do what you do best.

From compliance to support, from privacy to security, from infrastructure to documentation, policies, procedures, and evidence – we strive to be the trusted partner that protects your practice with the dedication that you provide your patients.

Contact Allstate Computers today to discuss how we can create a custom-tailored, Healthcare IT services plan for your practice.